How To Use The latest Events To Enhance Your Blog

Transformations in technology continue to affect bloggers. Twitter is easily the most up to the minute communication system. How a news item influences your niche market is the point of view you're looking for. Popular trends are perfect topics to blog about if you wish to increase your site visits greatly. There are lots of terrific tools that may help you accomplish this, and you may currently be aware of a number of them.

Your goal is to get a page 1 position on Google for that news item. It's difficult to beat out the major news sites for these handful of spots. One effective way to beat them would be to tag your news post as being an 'Update" and optimize for your target keyword phrase. I have personally seen ordinary blogs listed in a separate window, in the center of the first page, under the heading of updates. You will get better, over time, figuring out the best techniques for taking advantage of news stories to obtain more readers to your blog.

To get caught up with breaking news you may use a variety of technologies. TV news can provide excellent leads, especially almost all news channels. Speed is essential to making this work properly. This strategy exclusively works with live, breaking news. Twitter is a great way to keep current on news stories as they are occurring. Around the globe, users "tweet" about major events that are taking place in their countries.

We do not advise using Google Alerts for this strategy because it is not quick enough. You will see alerts from blog posts, and ideally you want your blog post to be there first. Some niches are much more appropriate for this strategy so you'll have to decide how it works for your blog. If time isn't highly critical, then you can keep an eye on alerts and even Google trends. Blogging about news strongly related to your market can often aid you in getting higher rankings.

One extra approach is to open your own private Twitter account so that you can Tweet about your story after it is on your blog. Once again, it all depends on the subject, but as you may know Google will certainly post your Tweets on the first page of their serp's. There's nothing certain with Google but it's sure worth a shot. Mixing the power of Twitter and ongoing blog entries will enhance the popularity of your blog.

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