Not many individuals wouldn't wish for more hours in the day. Besides, all of us are stuck in 24-hour days so it's rather futile to wish for more hours, isn't it? Nonetheless, if you get a copy of Keith Bailey and Karen Leland's book, Time Management In An Instant, you will know that adding more time to your day is not the solution to your problems; rather, the solution is learning how to effectively manage the time that you do have. This very well-written book will show you ways to do just that.

There is absolutely no shortage of time management guides. What exactly makes Time Management In An Instant special any different from the pack? It likely did not escape your notice that the book's title contains the word "instant". Take note, however, that the authors take that word very seriously. This book is filled with suggestions and insights with regards to how you can manage your time properly at the soonest possible time.

One reason this book is extremely helpful is that the authors put in a tremendous amount of time diving into the reasons why people are not able to manage their time on the job. The most typical reason is that people basically feel overwhelmed, and this book directly covers the issue of being overwhelmed and gives advice on how to stay away from the common trappings which set the stage for being so overwhelmed. The moment you are able to get a handle on the issue of being overwhelmed, you will learn you gain far greater potential to get a better handle on your workday.

This is a useful book considering that the authors offer their advice in small, incremental steps, making it much simpler for anyone to achieve their objectives very easily. A lot of people cannot help but feel overwhelmed because they face many large tasks and they have no clue where or how to start. As soon as you read this book, you are going to gain a much clearer insight into where you must start. In particular, you need to start by finishing small tasks which will edge away at the overall volume of work that you are struggling with. Whenever you complete small, targeted tasks, your ability to manage your day will be greatly improved.

The book is not difficult to read through. It's not weighed down in lots of terminology nor are the steps provided in the book convoluted. The authors have organized the information in the book wonderfully. Because of this, the book is painless to follow along. Any person who wishes to get a solid grasp of their time management skills probably will not want to wade through a convoluted text. Time Management In An Instant is a superb book. If you're seeking to develop effective time management skills, you shouldn't be without this book.

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